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Aurelio Posada

A painter and architect born in Colombia, now residing in Orlando, Florida. 

Aurelio Posada

Aurelio Posada is a painter and architect. He was born in Colombia, but now lives and works in Orlando, Florida. As a Design Partner at Hunton-Brady Architects, Aurelio has designed many award-winning buildings. His passion for Design and Architecture is reflected in his paintings. He starts by sketching with a pencil in his sketchbook; when something interesting comes up, he moves to his secondary sketch pad - his IPad Pro. He uses his IPad for the final exploration of geometries, composition, and color. This tool is very flexible and versatile, allowing him to generate multiple ideas as the background for each painting. From there he moves to canvas and continues exploring the created space until he feels it has been resolved. He then decides on additional elements, such as trees, figures, and objects.

Architecture and art go hand in hand in Aurelio’s life and work. They complement and inform each other, and have become a single intellectual line of thought.  The paintings have a strong influence on the Modern Masters’ work, his own trajectory as an Architect, and his cultural background and formation in Latin America and Spain. His pieces have a distinct sharp definition of shapes, and a sense of place and scale, as well as a bold palette of colors. The American Institute of Architects, Orlando, holds an annual art show open to architects, designers and members of the industry. Aurelio’s pieces received Best of Show Award in the most recent competition. He has worked and studied in North America, South America, and Europe. Posada is internationally recognized for his participation in design competitions. He travels frequently with his wife and son, drawing and sketching while he’s visiting new places. 

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