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Camilla Webster

Camilla Webster is recognized as one of South Florida’s leading living artists and designers. The museum-collected painter creates abstract and impressionist paintings capturing idyllic moments in time. She threads both her past as an international journalist and best-selling author with a sense of story in each work for the viewer to interpret. Her paintings are filled with brilliant hues on noteworthy subjects re-interrupted with a fresh contemporary experience.

Webster’s work focuses on the essence of the human spirit, radical beauty, idyllic memory, and healing through abstracted landscapes and seascapes. Camilla was honored to be chosen in 2022-2023 as the artist representing The Palm Beach Historical Society at public and private events for the year. Her work, The Clock Tower On Worth was chosen in 2023 for the permanent collection in the History Museum of Palm Beach County. 

It is the light and color of South Florida, that draws Camilla back to Palm Beach, where her studio sits, just one block down from The Norton Museum of Art. The unique creative space draws hundreds of visitors a year seeking a unique experience with the artist, and to visit the workshop and retail space for Love from Palm Beach.
Raised between the US and the UK, Webster has exhibited in galleries and given art talks by special invitation in Miami, London, Paris, Greenwich, Palm Beach and New York.


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