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María Reyes Jones

María Reyes Jones

"Color makes me happy!" 

This simple mantra has been the anchor to Maria's work. Her paintings are welcoming and joyful. For over 25 years, she has celebrated classic inspirations found in nature. A prolific painter, she will often work on several pieces at a time allowing the works to form as she challenges herself with textures, color tones and perspectives. And while she does not concern herself with genre labels, her work has an impressionistic abstraction to it that creates a depth and spirit inviting the viewer a chance to lose themselves in her unique color celebration. For Maria, her ultimate satisfaction is in the joy her work brings to her collectors. 

"Painting is a way for me to connect and I am so grateful for the gif of art as my profession and the ways it has allowed me to bring happiness to others."

You can find Maria most days in her studio in beautiful downtown St. Augustine or at iconic Art festivals throughout Florida as well as the rest of the country.

She works in acrylic, often with an impasto style using a palette knife or kitchen spatula. She incorporates other media to bring sparkle shine and light to her fantastical, enormous compositions. Swaying palms, bright fields of flowers and playful creatures are expressed with vibrant detail, often upon an abstract patterned backdrop. 

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