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The Marnali's

The Marnali's celebrate art as a luxury that is fun.


The artist couple is one of the stars of the pop art scene. The Marnali's celebrate art as a luxury that is fun. From Karl Lagerfeld, the Birkin Bag, the Porsche to the $100 bill, they retell the stories of pop art and consumption in a refreshing and colorful way. They use different processes, from digital and screen printing to the fascinating multi-perspective lenticular technique. PopArt is art that gets hands on. which touches directly. It's colourful, loud and fun, it celebrates the moment and is simply a lot of fun for more and more people. This also applies to the artist couple Mr. and Mrs. Marnali. Since 2017, the two Germans living on Mallorca have been staging the icons of PopArt culture in luxuriously furnished and, last but not least, humorously gripping PopArt works and sculptures. They tell the glorious stories of the protagonists of PopArt in their own refreshing, colorful and new way. It's about Madonna, Lady Gaga, Brigitte Bardot, Karl Lagerfeld and even Choupette, the legendary fashion designer's famous cat. But these are not just mere illustrations that are as colorful as possible, but complex concepts on the basis of which new stories are told - with the help of the motifs themselves, but also with the forms and the materials and techniques used. And that is exactly the secret of their success: The Marnali's tell stories.


They combine content and form, art and technology into a new whole that is independent and definitely greater than the sum of its parts. Here PopArt becomes MarnaliArt. MarnaliArt – art you can touch A real MarnaliArt work can always be recognized directly by the high quality of craftsmanship and by its very own depth and unusual feel. This applies particularly to the works created as panel paintings. Due to the generous use of materials, they actually have a haptic effect - accordingly: touching is expressly desired here! In this way, her pictures can only really be felt and experienced. And what you experience there is incredibly diverse. The Marnali's rely on mixed media. This means, among other things, digital printing, but also screen printing processes, and if the work requires it, both mixed. In addition to the various conventional colorants, crystals, gold, silver and even diamond dust are sometimes used. Aluminum plates, Plexiglas or mirrors serve as carriers. Sometimes the duo also works with heat in order to deform the material and give it an additional three-dimensionality. The result: Marilyn Monroe in a surreal frenzy of colour, a last supper with supermodels as a crazy party in the Escape Room or a gigantic 100 dollar bill measuring 1.80 x 0.73 meters on which Donald and Daisy Duck portrayed a cheeky beanie Benjamin Franklin just say Hello

Lenticular technology and the secret of the "Birkin Bag" Marnali's latest collection is based on lenticular technology, which in principle allows them to accommodate several views in one picture. Depending on how you position yourself as a viewer, you can see completely different levels. For example, the outside and inside of an object or an amazing before and after effect can be displayed simultaneously on a single image carrier. Viewed from an art-historical point of view, the Marnali's move in the tradition of the anamorphoses of the late Middle Ages or the often religious harp or lamellar pictures of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But here, too, they catapult traditional techniques into the here and now of the 21st century with precision craftsmanship and, above all, a great deal of humour.


The Marnali's used this photo printing process, which is based on the use of tiny optical lenses, for their picture "Birkin Bag", among other things. Here they show the outside of the classic handbag from Hermès – or depending on your perspective, what's inside: lipstick, powder compact, sunglasses, vibrator and much more. Incidentally, the artist couple is raising the age-old question of what's in a woman's handbag. The two create a work of art that moves in many ways. The self-developed concept of personalized PopArt art: ``Be Art`` is becoming more and more popular. Here the artists sit down with the customer and design their very own Marnali PopArt work of art according to their wishes. Whether it's your favorite bag with personalized content or your beloved classic car, everything is possible!


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