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Introducing "Afghan Girl," a stunning contemporary art piece measuring 64" x 64" overall and featuring artwork dimensions of 60" x 60". This unique mosaic was created using a total of 6,125 recycled computer keys from discarded computer keyboards, making it a striking and environmentally conscious statement piece. Inspired by the iconic 1984 National Geographic cover, this art piece pays homage to Sharbat Gula, also known as Sharbat Bibi, captured in a powerful photographic portrait by photojournalist Steve McCurry. The image is of an adolescent girl with green eyes in a redheadscarf looking intensely at the camera. The use of recycled materials and the timeless subject matter make Afghan Girl a captivating and thought-provoking addition to any contemporary art collection.

Afghan Girl

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • 64"x64"
    • Keyboard Key Mosaic
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