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Introducing the Dolly Parton "Queen of Country" artwork, a stunning tribute to the legendary musician in the world of contemporary art. This unique piece features guitar picks meticulously arranged on canvas and encased in a beautiful hardwood surround, creating a striking 42” X 32” X 2.25” masterpiece that captures the essence of Dolly Parton’s musical legacy. Each guitar pick is carefully placed to create a captivating portrait that pays homage to the iconic "Queen of Country." Perfect for any art lover and music enthusiast, this Dolly Parton artwork is a must-have statement piece for any modern art collection. Whether displayed in a private residence, recording studio, or art gallery, this piece is sure to command attention and spark conversation.

Dolly Parton "Queen of Country"

Excluding Sales Tax |
    • Guitar Picks on Canvas with Hardwood 
    • 42" x 32" x 2.25"
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