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Limited edition print #2 of 2 in this series.   

Printed on archival paper  tall by artist Kirsty Mitchell.

66.9" x 53.5" (Unframed)

69" x  56" (Framed)


The whole landscape was covered in purple-pink heathers. The dress was designed and sewn from meters of extremely delicate faded ghostly pink sheer silk chiffon, that created the perfect movement and drape. The form of the body is never lost and yet the fabric becomes the main aesthetic. Mitchell wanted the charactter to appear royal and equisite, yet distand and unreachable. The skin and hair have subtle shades of white, pink and purple so she looked like a living painting. The drape of the fabric, the soft of the grays and swirls of thje hair worked beautifully together. Conveying respect in her surroundings and using them to affect the image and work in harmony. To feel as though you are placed in "A Waking Dream" - feeling so intimate as if she was waking from a spell, yet somehow kept distant. A feeling of intense privacy, as you are there during her waking moments. 

"Gammelyn's Daughter"

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