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Matthew Tiger

Matthew Tiger found an outlet for his creativity at a young age when he experimented with oils on canvas. He would continue his artistic pursuits in multiple mediums through his teen years until he set his sights on a more technically creative focus, earning his degree in Industrial Design Technology at The Art Institute International.


After a 20 year graphic design career, Matthew Tiger formed his own Branding Agency, (Madison Ave Graphics). This opened doors for him to work with well-known brands such as Krispy Kreme and celebrity podcasters like Anna Faris.


He eventually returned to his creative art roots. Tiger gets inspiration from urban nature, music, comics, and film. He aims to provoke an emotional response from his audience through all forms of art. Currently, his style is Pop-Grunge Art, which combines paint and collages to create immersive scenes for his viewers, where you see some new detail every time you look at it.

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