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Illuminati Neon

The radical yet regal artwork of Illuminati Neon is rooted in the birthplace of punk, drawing on the cultural vibes of Western London. 

The punk rock scene of 1970s London reverberated deeply with a young Mark Sloper, who identified with the working-class angst of the movement and started touring with Adam and the Ants at just 11 years old. He went on to work as a cameraman for some of the era’s most iconic bands while directing documentaries on musical icons like Sid Vicious and David Bowie. Inspired by these legends, Sloper created his Illuminati Neon brand, producing punk-inspired art emblazoned with vintage neon memorabilia and song lyrics.


In 2020, his punk portrait of Queen Elizabeth II garnered national attention when it received royal approval from none other than the Queen herself, who requested just one small tweak: that the heart tattoo reading “Philip” be changed to the royal crest. Sloper produced 40 original Queen portraits in his trademark style for the Platinum Jubilee as well as a limited-edition print run of 500. “Burnt into my mind is the iconic Jamie Reid portrait of the Queen reimagined as a punk rocker with a ring through her nose,” he says. “It was part of my growing up, and I can only hope that my reimagination of her as a beautiful punk monarch will also stand the test of time.”


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