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Welcome to Park Ave Contemporary Art

Park Avenue Contemporary Art is a curated commercial art gallery representing artists from London to Florida. We specialize in contemporary artwork from established artists who participate in Art Basel Miami.

At Park Avenue Contemporary Art, we curate an exclusive collection of original artworks and limited edition prints with you, the audience in mind. Our goal is to introduce new and exciting artists with diverse styles, mediums, and perspectives.

What is Lenticular Art?

A lenticular piece of art is a type of image or design that creates an illusion of depth, motion, or transformation when viewed from different angles. This effect is achieved using lenticular lenses, which are a series of magnifying lenses on the surface of the artwork. These lenses direct light from different images to the viewer's eyes, depending on the viewing angle. As a result, the artwork can appear to change, animate, or show a 3D effect. Lenticular art is often used in posters, postcards, and other printed materials to create visually engaging and dynamic effects.

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Our Latest & Greatest!

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The artist couple is one of the stars of the pop art scene. The Marnali's celebrate art as a luxury that is fun; retelling the stories of pop art and consumption in a refreshing and colorful way.

Featured Artists

We are thrilled to share the news of our online store launch!

Our store features an incredible collection of contemporary art, showcasing local, national and international artists.
With a variety of art mediums that range from painting to photography, you're bound to find something that speaks to you.
Browse our stunning collection directly from your fingertips - Shop Anywhere, Anytime!
Take a moment explore our online store and discover the perfect piece to add to your collection!




Next Event: June 15th

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